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Roots Dance Studio

Dance without fear. Move without Judgement.

Acro & Dance Studio
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Our Program:


Our children's dance program offers year-round fun and fitness for kids as young as 4 years old. Our entry level classes are held once a week with the option to add additional classes at a discounted rate.


Our dance program operates on a semester basis. The first semester runs from September through December, and the second semester runs from January through May. Each semester concludes with a recital, where students will showcase their hard work. (There are rehearsals and recital fees associated with each semester's recital.) Students can join mid semester as long as it doesn't interfere with choreography. 

Our Directors:


Katie Thompson has been involved in dance for over 27 years. She grew up performing, teaching, producing and directing dance in the mid-coast Maine area. Katie has trained in NYC, LA and Seattle. She has studied many styles of dance with a foundation in technique and street styles. 

Jessica Whitney began her ballet training in Maine under Adrei Bossov, a former Kirov Ballet principal dancer, and later completed her studies at Makaroff's in Appleton, Wisconsin, under Juanita Makaroff, a graduate of the School of American Ballet in NYC. Jessica's journey led her to join the Children's Ballet Theater, where she gained valuable performance experience.

Our Values:


At Roots, we firmly believe that learning should be an enjoyable experience, where the joy of movement is at the forefront. We are dedicated to creating an environment where children feel welcomed and accepted, nurturing their love for dance. We understand that daily successes are the building blocks of confidence, and we ensure that children are appropriately challenged to exceed their own expectations, helping them grow not just as dancers but as individuals. We are committed to seeking excellence, as we believe that personal fulfillment comes from becoming the best version of oneself, both as an individual and a team member. Through teamwork, dedication, and an appreciation for the art of dance, we aim to instill a lifelong passion for the performing arts in our students.

Dance Classes


Tumble Dance

Level 1: Ages 5-7
90 min

Level 2: Ages 5-7

90 min

     This is the place to start! Tumble dance is a fast paced, highly engaging, and fun! Kids love that they get to work on both dance and gymnastics skills in one combo class. Tumble Dance includes the following curriculum:

-Ballet & Jazz foundation technique and terminology

-Beginning gymnastics floor skills that can be easily incorporated into dance.

-Creative movement. Dance requires a strong theatrical, emotive element in order to really bring it to life, to make it a powerful art form. Creative movement can help beginning dancers shed inhibitions, unleash imagination, and explore authentic self-expression which is so fundamental to dance.

-Rhythms, counting, and connecting to music.

-Conditioning & flexibility as age appropriate.

Dress Code: Leotard (May layer with leggings/shorts/tights)

Storybook Ballet

     Ages 4-5
     45 min

    A fairytale inspired introductory ballet class for students to cultivate their imagination and skills. Class starts with a storybook circle and the theme is incorporated into dancing with props and costumes.

Dress Code: Leotard (May layer with leggings/shorts/tights)

Jazz & Ballet Combo

Level 1: Ages 8-11
60 min


     Discover the perfect blend of grace and rhythm in our Ballet and Jazz Combo Class! This dynamic and engaging class is designed to introduce young dancers to the captivating worlds of both classical ballet and vibrant jazz dance. Through a balance of structured ballet techniques and energetic jazz movements, children will develop essential dance skills, improve flexibility, enhance coordination, and foster a deep appreciation for music and movement. This class offers a creative space where young dancers can explore their artistic expression, build confidence, and have fun while learning the foundations of two diverse dance styles. 

Dress Code: Solid Colored Leotard

Acro Hip Hop

Level 1: Ages 5+
55 min

Level 1: Ages 8+
90 min

     Hip Hop level 1 is an introductory class that will include dance instruction in the studio and gymnastics instruction on the floor.  This class starts with the fundamentals, introducing and exploring the various styles and roots of hip hop movement (popping, locking, waving, breaking, etc.). Focusing on grooves, rhythm, footwork, personality in movement, and working to build confidence in self-expression.

The acro portion of class will also help build confidence as well as develop strength, flexibility, speed, coordination, power and balance. 

Dress Code: Comfortable, movable clothing & Tennis Shoes.

Adult Hip Hop

All Levels: 18+



​     Come learn grooves, footwork, and the foundational movement of HipHop, then put them all together in fun choreography. We will work on old school grooves as well as movements of today’s culture. This class is all about letting go of the “I’m not a dancer” mentality and connect to your body through a positive and judgement-free environment.

 $15 Per Drop in​

*When you sign up for all month of classes you pay $12 per class. Must call the office to receive this discount. No refunds for missed classes.

Adult Dance

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Here are some ways you can get your child registered:

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216 Commerce St.

Missoula, MT 59808


Enroll though our Parent Portal:

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