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Acrobatic Movement

     Acrobatic movement like aerials, handsprings, and flips have become an essential part of any dancers training. Acro adds a wow factor to performance and kids love it! At Roots we are ideally situated with the necessary equipment, soft surfaces, and instructors so that acrobatic training can become a part of your young dancers' experience from day one.

Dance Instruction

Ages 3-18

     We have highly qualified, fun, engaging instructors who will give your child the technical foundations and skills to pursue high levels of dance achievement, whatever their dreams are.

     Families are welcome to enroll in Acro for Dancers classes, even if you are not taking dance classes at Roots. This class is open to kids in our community who may want to supplement their dance classes at other facilities with acro training at Roots.​

"Finding Joy Though Movement"


Tumble Dance:

Intro to Dance & Acro

Pixies: Ages 3-4

Minnies: Ages 5-7

Moxies: Ages 8-12

This is the place to start! Tumble dance is a fast paced, highly engaging, and fun! Kids love that they get to work on both dance and gymnastics skills in one combo class. Tumble Dance includes the following curriculum:

-Ballet & Jazz foundation technique and terminology

-Beginning gymnastics floor skills that can be easily incorporated into dance.

-Creative movement. Dance requires a strong theatrical, emotive element in order to really bring it to life, to make it a powerful art form. Creative movement can help beginning dancers shed inhibitions, unleash imagination, and explore authentic self-expression which is so fundamental to dance.

-Rhythms, counting, and connecting to music.

-Conditioning & flexibility as age appropriate.

Dress Code: Leotard (May layer with leggings/shorts/tights)


Specialized  Dance  Classes

Ages 8-18


     As children get older and master the skills in Tumble Dance, we begin separating dance and acro into two difference classes. This provides performers with the necessary time to develop both their dance and their acro skills at more challenging levels. So when you enroll in the following dance classes, you can mix and match your dance class with an Acro for Dancers course, or a Tumbling Course. 

*While we highly recommend that kids start off in Tumble Dance, younger children with previous dance experience may contact our office to inquire about these classes.


Ages 8-18
1 hr

     Jazz classes are high energy and fun with a focus on stylized technique, leaps, turns, and rhythms. Engaging choreo and combinations will introduce a variety of genres including current trends in jazz, street style, classical, and the theatrical jazz.

Dress Code: Leotard (may layer with leggings/shorts/tights) & Jazz Shoes.


Ages 8-12
1 hr

     At Roots, we believe in the importance of ballet. If you are serious about dance, and see it as being an important part of your life, we highly recommend getting involved in ballet classes - the sooner the better. Ballet training will give kids the the technique, balance, body alignment, muscle memory, conditioning, and flexibility that will help make their dance look natural, light, and easy. Ballet is also great training for performers and athletes alike. All of our competitive gymnasts at Roots are required to participate in ballet because see the benefits of this training.

Dress Code: Solid Colored Leotard, Pink/White Tights, & Ballet Slippers


Ages 8-12
1 hr

     Lyrical/Contemporary dance is emotive and expressive. For this style of dance, focus is on technique, leaps, turns, introduction to contemporary floor work, and lrical choreography and combinations. 


Dress Code: Leotard & Half-sole Lyrical shoes or Toe Bras. (Long fitted leggings are suggested for protecting knees during floor work)                               

Hip Hop

Ages 8-10
1 hr

     Hip Hop dance was created out of a desire to express and tell stories through movement. In class we start with he fundamentals, introducing and exploring the various style sand roots of hip hop movement (popping, locking, waving, breaking, boogaloo). Focusing on grooves, rhythm, footwork, personality in movement, and working to build confidence in self-expression.

Dress Code: Comfortable, movable clothing & Tennis Shoes.

Roots Crew (Hip Hop Dance Team)

     Roots Crew is for the dedicated hip hop dancer. Its a group that will meet to work on choreo and freestyle, focusing on preparing for performance and competition opportunities. You must be enrolled in hip hop classes and be recommended by your teacher.

Acro for Dancers

Ages 6-12
1 hr

     Acro training provides great upper body, core, and leg conditioning. It increases power, control, and coordination. Acro training also teaches courage (you have to get comfortable flying through the air and being upside down) and can provide a higher level of overall athleticism than traditional dance training alone


Want to know what's next?

Are you interested in the long game? 

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Our Values:


-Learning should be fun!

-Learning happens best in an environment where kids feel welcomed and accepted.

-Daily Successes grow confidence! Children gain confidence as they are appropriately challenged and learn that they can exceed their own expectations of themselves.

-We seek excellence! Personal fulfillment comes through becoming the best version of ourselves as individuals, teammates, and dancers.

     Families are welcome to enroll in Acro for Dancers classes, even if you are not taking dance classes at Roots. This class is open to kids in our community who may want to supplement their dance classes at other facilities with acro training at Roots.​

Benefits of Dance


-Physical development and mastery: Dancing teaches grace, poise, power, strength, flexibility, and much more.

-Friendships: Learning, dancing, and performing with others can create bonds that will last a lifetime. And it can gives children a support group that can help them through the ups and downs of growing up.

-Confidence: Dancers have to learn to let go of fears of inhibitions as they take the stage and share themselves through movement and performance.

-Creative Genius: As they move though the program, kids have the opportunity to develop their own creative voice, participating in the creation and development of choreography that they get to perform.



Katie Thompson

Hip Hop

Katie Thompson has been involved in dance for over 27 years. She grew up performing, teaching, producing and directing dance in the mid-coast Maine area. Katie has trained in NYC, LA and Seattle. She has studied many styles of dance with a foundation in technique and street styles. 

Julia Roberts


Julia Roberts has been working with children for over 30 years. She was owner and artistic director of Mission Valley Dance for 13 years. After 5 years in New Mexico teaching dance she is excited to be home and working at Roots Acro Sports. 

Megan Johnson


Megan Johnson is currently working towards her degree in dance at the University of Montana. She has been working at Roots for over a year teaching a variety of age levels.

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