This year we will be separating our acro training out of our dance classes and creating separate classes called Acro for Dancers. There are two primary benefits of making our acro training separate from our dance. First is that we will be able to create more appropriate levels for our acro training. This is great for both teachers and students who will then get to focus on exactly the skills they need. Second is that it expands our acro training to a full hour. This means faster progress and skill acquisition for students.

     You may enroll in dance classes at Roots and choose not to enroll in Acro for Dancers. However, we highly recommend that you get through at least a level 1 Acro for dancers before deciding whether or not you want to opt out of acro training.

     You are also very welcome to enroll in Acro for Dancers classes, even if you are not taking dance classes at Roots. This class is open to kids in our community who may want to supplement their dance classes at other facilities with acro training at Roots.

     Acro for Dancers is offered on both Tuesday and Thursday. Depending on your interest, you may enroll once or twice a week. Coming to Acro for Dancers twice a week will speed skill acquisition and progress.

Intro to Dance & Acro

Ages 5-7
1 hr 15 min

     Intro to Acro & Dance is a fantastic way to introduce your little one to dance. This class has a strong creative movement element, encouraging children to comfortably express themselves through movement. In addition to basic dance steps and concepts, the curriculum also includes an introduction to tumbling skills.

Jazz & Contemporary Technique

Ages 8-12
1 hr

Jazz & Contemporary Technique, is an excellent foundation class for any child interested in dance. These classes will focus on building proper techniques and skills while increasing general musicality.

Ballet & Contemporary Dance

Ages 6-12
1 hr

     Contemporary & Ballet Dance classes are an excellent option for the passionate dancer. This class will offer a strong foundation for those who wish to move forward in the dance world.

Street Jazz

Ages 9-12
1 hr

     Street Jazz is a fun and fast paced fusion of Hip Hop and Jazz. This high energy class fosters an emphasis on expression and performance.

Hip Hop

Ages 7-10
1 hr

     Hip hop is a high-energy class that infuses the latest styles of streetdancing, breaking, popping, and locking. Classes will encourage students to step outside of the box by bringing their own personality to the movements.

Acro for Dancers

Ages 6-12
1 hr

     Acro training provides great upper body, core, and leg conditioning. It increases power, control, and coordination. Acro training also teaches courage (you have to get comfortable flying through the air and being upside down) and can provide a higher level of overall athleticism than traditional dance training alone

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