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Movement Arts Club

Preschool Program

What is Movement Arts Club?

     The Movement Arts Club, affectionately referred to as MAC, is our spin on preschool with an emphasis on physical movement. We build an engaging learning environment to foster both emotional and social development as we help prepare your little one for grade school. While MAC is an excellent program on its own, it is also the perfect complement to any child’s existing preschool.


Full Gymnastics Instruction

Art & Craft Projects

Story Time & Snack

Dance, Music & Rhythm

Sports Agility (throwing, kicking, running, ect.)

Emotional & Social Development

The Details


Ages 3-5

Kiddos must be fully potty trained.

Available Monday through Friday

 Half Day: (9:00 am to 12:00 pm)

Full Day: (9:00 am to 3:00 pm)

MAC is a semester long commitment.

Semester 1 - Sep through Dec

Semester 2 - Jan through May

Cost per Month:

1 Half Day -$147       1 Full Day -$253

 2 Half Days -$294      2 Full Days -$506

 3 Half Days -$441      3 Full Days -$759

   4 Half Days -$588      4 Full Days -$1012

  5 Half Days -$735      5 Full Days -$1265

$55 Annual Registration Fee not included in above price.

Contact the office for registration.

Now Enrolling for Fall 2024

Our Instructor

     Julia Roberts has been working with children and families for over 30 years. She was owner and artistic director of Mission Valley Dance in Polson, Montana for 13 years. There, she taught dance as well as created a family resource center, Family Matters teaching parent/child interactive literacy programs. Julia’s passionate about encouraging people to play, explore and create, whether it is movement, art, or storytelling. After 5 years in New Mexico teaching dance she is excited to be home and working at Roots Gymnastics and Dance. 

In the Movement Arts Club, our movement curriculum includes:

Motor Skill Development

     Our gymnastics facility provides a fun and challenging environment for physical play, physical problem solving, and motor skill development. There are ropes and ladders for climbing, rope swings to develop upper body strength, trampolines which are great for learning awareness and control of the body, bars that develop upper body and core body strength, beams for learning to balance (and to be brave)…… In other words, the opportunities to practice essential skills like running, jumping, climbing, twisting, swinging, and overall  coordination in our gym are authentic and varied. We  believe that this is just what every child needs.


     In preschool gymnastics, we teach the skills that are foundational to gymnastics. Children have opportunities to learn skills, on beam, floor, trampoline, and bars. The primary result of gymnastics training at the preschool age is the mastery of motor skills as well as the development of social and emotional abilities (like listening, enjoying the process of learning, self-mastery, and bravery.) 

Creative Movement

One of the things we love most about creative movement is that there really is not a right or wrong to it. With teachers providing the environment and starting concepts, children have the opportunity to tap in to their own imagination and express themselves in movement without any need for correction. We believe creative movement can help children avoid or overcome self-consciousness and social inhibitions. They will also be learning basic concepts of dance and gaining exposure to a variety of genres of music. 

Parent Testimony

     "As a university professor and the mother of two high-energy preschool aged boys, I value age-appropriate learning environments that don't focus on academics at the expense of physical activity but instead use it as a means for teaching self-confidence, self-discipline, teamwork, listening, sharing and an array of other important social skills necessary for success not just in school but in life.  These are the things that my sons get in the Movement Arts Club at Bitterroot Gymnastics (Roots) and I highly recommend them."

     -Heather Cahoon, PhD

     "The Movement and Arts Preschool Program was the very first place I trusted to send both my kids to around the age of 3. The set up and curriculum is incredible. It's inspiring and energizing but also safe and relaxing. Absolutely a wonderful learning environment with small group sizes and with professional and kind teachers and staff. I honestly can say that drop-off and pick-up was always easy and completely stress-free. I feel that bringing my kids to the Bitterroot Gymnastics (Roots) in the mornings was like a gift to them: here's this huge, warm and welcoming space for you to learn, make friends and to have fun. The kids get to move around and dance, but also to create and dream, independently and as a part of a team. We've been going to the Bitterroot Gymnastics (Roots) Programs for the last 5 years and will continue to do so. I'll make sure that also my third child will have the opportunity to experience the Movement and Arts Program and gain the same kind of fulfillment- joy, self-confidence and skills that makes her a strong little learner for years to come."

     -Jenni Rohrbach

Sign up

Here are some ways you can get your child registered:

In Person

216 Commerce St.

Missoula, MT 59808

Over the Phone

Call us during our office hours at:


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