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     The Roots Movement Arts Center is located in Missoula and has been teaching the youth of Missoula and the surrounding area for over 40 years.  Our community has embraced us because of our welcoming atmosphere, our skilled and friendly teachers, and our fun and balanced approach to athletics.  When you enter our door you become part of our family.

     We believe that Fitness is fun!  Gymnastics is our vehicle for bringing out confidence, perseverance, and a love of learning.  Children should be able to pursue excellence in activities they love while still preserving balance, variety and family time in their lives.  The foundational and progressive nature of our gymnastics program allows for a unique, fun and well-rounded approach to fitness. 

     We appreciate the opportunity to serve your children by offering quality programs in the movement arts.  We believe you will see the benefits that our programs offer and we look forward to working with your family for years to come.

                                                                                                                        -David & Mara Lee Stark

We believe all children can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

To provide a safe and nurturing environment where each individual can make regular progress and experience the sincere joy of developing as a person, athlete, teacher, or leader. 

Our Mission


    "I just wanted to take a quick minute this morning to tell you all thank you for providing such an amazing space for children to learn and grow. I really couldn't put into words how amazing Roots has been for Cerenity. I haven't seen my daughter this happy to be in the sport of gymnastics in a long time. Her happiness is not just about how much she is growing in the sport, but about a family of people who have come behind her to believe in her, support her, and help her regain her passion and love for the sport of gymnastics.  Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you for being a safe place."    -Amanda Wheeler


     "Our family has been part of Roots since our daughter was 3 years old.  She participated in open gym, preschool, camps, community shows and competitive gymnastics.  All of which has helped her to excel physically, socially and emotionally.   Our daughter is a beautiful soul and everybody involved with Roots especially her peers and coaches have had a major impact on that. We feel very thankful."    -Cris Flemming Bloxom

     "I appreciate the knowledgeable and energetic coaches and staff who have helped my son reach his full potential. We love being part of the ROOTS family!"     -Roula Agne

     "Gymnastics teaches many basic skills that help children for school and life. My son, Dan progressed in gymnastics because of the awesome coaching at Roots. He learned to concentrate and work harder to achieve his goals. This helps him with his career and working hard for his family."     -Carol Gauthier



Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a Session, and when can I start?

     Our sessions run by the calendar month. When you sign up for a class, you are enrolled until the end of that month. You can start a class at any point mid-session as long as we have open space within that class. Tuition will be adjusted to reflect your start date. If you are interested in reserving a spot for an upcoming month, new registration will open upon the 23rd of the previous month. i.e.: Enrollment for January classes would open December 23rd.

Do you have a Registration Fee?

    Yes, we do have an Annual Registration Fee that covers the family for the year upon registration.

My child has done gymnastics, dance, or trampoline classes before. Which class should I sign them up for?

     If you are ever unsure of which class to enroll your child in, we encourage you to call our office. Often, we can help determine which class you should take by asking a few specific questions. If we are unable to determine which class would be the best fit, then we can schedule a placement visit with you. Our trained coaches will meet with your child for a free 15-minute session to evaluate their skill level and recommend the appropriate class.

What should my child wear? Is there a dress code?

     For girls 6 years and older, we have a dress code that requires a leotard.  A leotard is considered to be a close-fitting one-piece garment, made of a stretchy fabric, that covers a person's body from the shoulders to the top of the thighs.  No bare midriffs are allowed in class.  This is a safety concern and will not be permitted on the gymnastics floor.  Girls are welcome to layer with leggings or shorts if they so desire.  All children should remove all jewelry and tie shoulder length hair back.  

Do I need to stay for class? Is there a place I can watch?

     While you are welcome to stay and watch your child’s class, it is not required. We trust parents to use their best judgment if their child would feel comfortable in class without their guardian in the building. If you do make the decision to leave the building, please allot enough time to return before their class is over. When staying for your child’s class, we have seating both in our gym as well as our lobby.

Do you offer trial classes?

     We do offer a preview class. If you try a class and are not satisfied, you will not be charged for the class. If you are interested in signing up for a trial class, please schedule with the front office.

Are there any benefits for signing one child up for multiple classes?

     Outside of your child progressing through skills faster, we also offer the benefit of a multi-class discount. When you have a child enrolled in more than one class, you will receive 15% off the class of lesser tuition.

Do you offer a Sibling Discount?

     Yes! When you have siblings enrolled in classes here at Roots, you will receive 15% off the class(es) of lesser tuition.

Do you host classes year-round?

     Yes! We have gymnastics all year long!

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     Click below to download our Roots Policy Sheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

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