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2023-2024 Gym Closures:

September 1st-4th

October 31st

November 11th

November 22nd-25th

December 2nd

December 9th

December 23rd-30th

January 1st

January 20th

February 24th

March 18th-23rd

May 18th

May 25th-31st

July 4th-6th

August 26th-31st

Labor Day

No classes starting after 5:00 pm

Closed for Meet

Thanksgiving Break

Closed for Dance Rehearsal

Closed for Dance Recital

Holiday Break

New Years

Closed for Meet

Closed for Meet

Spring Break

Closed for ACROtainment

Memorial Day

Fourth of July

Transition to Fall Schedule

2023-2024 Events:

September 5th

November 11th

December 9th

December 23rd-29th

January 13th

January 20-21st

February 24th

March 18th-22nd

May 17th-18th

May 24th

June 4th

Aug 23rd

First Day of School Year Classes

Early Bird Invitational

Winter Dance Recital

Holiday Break Camps

Sneak Peak Show

Heart of the Rockies Meet

Tri-State Challenge Meet

Spring Break Camps

ACROtainment Performances

Last Day of School Year Classes

First Day of Summer Classes

Last Day of Summer Classes



"Where athletes           & artistry unite."

     Join us for our annual performance of ACROtainment, where children from Roots showcase their incredible skills in acrobatics, dance, and theater. With guest appearances by professional adults, each year brings a fresh theme, transforming our stage into a mesmerizing world of creativity and storytelling. Don't miss this captivating celebration of youthful talent and artistry, promising a night of breathtaking performances and magical moments.

   Past Shows   
   Performing Since 2007   
ACROtainment Small Image 2024.png
ACROtainment 2024
Night at the Movies

May 17th & 18th

Tickets are available through MCT.

Step into the enchanting world of ACROtainment, where local children transform the stage into a magical realm inspired by the silver screen. With dazzling choreography, breathtaking acrobatics, and heartwarming theater performances, this night promises an unforgettable journey through beloved movie classics. Join us for a celebration of talent, imagination, and the timeless joy of the movies, brought to life by the stars of tomorrow.

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