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Lower Level

Girls Competitive Coach


Missoula MT



Girls DP

Job Type




per hour DOE

     Roots is looking for individuals that truly enjoy working with children, have a passion for the sport of gymnastics and demonstrate this through a warm, caring personality. At Roots, we encourage daily challenges which will lead to daily successes, both large and small.  Roots is well known for preparing children for lifelong success with skills that include goal setting, strong work ethic, honesty and dedication. These skills come directly from our amazing coaches and our well-equipped 20,000 sq ft facility!

     Roots Gymnastics has a growing girls competitive program and is looking for an experienced gymnastics coach that has a strong background in spotting and technical requirements needed up through Level 6.  Roots competitive coaches must be professional and work together to demonstrate a strong team dynamic for our gymnasts.  The Roots girls competitive team aims to compete successfully within our state, region and also nationally and this is only possible if our Lower Level competitive coaches are teaching strong basics and work ethics.

     This is a part-time job that does require traveling on weekends during competition season.

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