The Xcel Program is part of the USA Gymnastics (the national gymnastics governing body). From USA Gymnastics "The Xcel Program is designed to offer a broad-based, affordable competitive experience outside the traditional Jr. Olympic Program to attract and retain a diverse group of athletes." This program is broken up into 5 levels beginning with Bronze (our pre-team level), Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Your child will progress through the levels at her own pace, not necessarily as a group. We have a list of skills required to compete at each level and as your daughter masters those skills, she will be moved into the next level. The coaches will conduct monthly skill evaluations to track each gymnast's progress.


Gymnastics is a year-round sport. Our year is broken up into three different phases. During the summer all levels of Xcel are required to practice three times a week for three hours each practice. The summer is important for competitive gymnasts as we focus on gaining strength, flexibility, and new skills. Summer attendance is very important however, we totally understand vacations. We love to vacation also!

As we move into the school year the gymnasts start learning routines that they will compete. We will no longer be focusing on learning new skills but instead connecting the skills we gained over the summer into creative new routines.

Practice Requirements During the School Year:

Silver - 2 times a week with the option to attend 3 practices; 3 hour practices.

Gold and Platinum - 3 times a week; 3 hour practices.

The winter months of January through March are when our gymnasts travel to competitions and show off all that they have worked so hard to learn. During the competition season, the gymnasts are not allowed to participate in any other sport that has practices or weekend events that conflict with gymnastics. The girls Xcel team travels to four or five meets each year and the gymnasts are required to attend all of the meets. It is important for our entire team to be at each meet in order to support each other. gymnastics is unique in that it is an individual sport (they compete one at a time for an individual score) but also a team sport (the top three scores on each event are added up to come up with a team score).

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