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     Roots follows the USA Gymnastics Xcel program guidelines.  The Xcel program is geared to be less of a time and financial commitment compared to the Developmental Program and also offers more flexibility and options for skills within routines. Xcel Bronze and Silver are our introductory competitive levels. All Roots gymnasts at these two levels learn and compete the same vault, bars, beam and floor routines. This allows the coach to design practices that emphasize strong basics while introducing the gymnast to the necessary strength and conditioning. The Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels allow for the gymnast to select their own floor music with individual floor and beam choreography that highlights each gymnast's strengths. Once a gymnast has successfully completed a season of Gold (two all-around scores of 36.0), they have the option of transitioning to our Level 6 Developmental team. They also have the option of continuing in the Xcel program and transitioning to Level 6 at a later time, if they choose.


     The aim of the Xcel program at Roots is to use the amazing sport of gymnastics to teach each gymnast how to set goals, work through struggles, celebrate each success and most an exceptional teammate.  

2023 Season Accomplishments:

     -5 State Champions between Xcel Bronze & Xcel Platinum

     -6 Regional Qualifiers

Optional Opportunities for Xcel Gymnasts:

     -Larger, out-of-state competitions
(2024 includes 
Spokane, WA, Seattle, WA and Waco, TX)

     -State and Regional Camps

     -Open Gyms


Erin Beaudette, the Xcel Director/Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Coach, has a background deeply rooted in gymnastics. Her journey started at Bitterroot Gymnastics (now Roots Gymnastics) during her formative years, where she dedicated herself to the sport throughout high school, competing regionally as a level 9 gymnast. Upon retiring from competitive gymnastics to pursue higher education at MSU-Billings, Erin delved into coaching in 1998, marking the beginning of her coaching career.

     Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Health/P.E. in 2002, Erin opted to follow her passion for gymnastics rather than pursue a teaching career. Over the past 25 years, she has immersed herself in coaching gymnastics, ranging from preschool classes to competitive levels. Her coaching tenure spans 17 years at Roots Gymnastics, where she prioritizes the individual growth and safety of every child in the program.

     Erin’s enthusiasm for the sport extends beyond coaching. She avidly studies gymnastics, continuously expanding her knowledge by participating in various trainings, camps, and clinics. As the program director, her primary goal revolves around ensuring that each child feels valued within the team and progresses safely through their gymnastics journey.

     Beyond the gym, Erin enjoys a fulfilling personal life, blessed with a supportive husband, two smart daughters, and a crazy dog. In her leisure time, she enjoys running the trails of Missoula, reading, and sleeping.

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