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Trampoline Level 1

Ages 6-12
60 min

In level one students are introduced to the basic concepts of trampoline. Students begin by learning how to fall safely, perform stomach and back drops, full twists, tuck, straddle, and pike; and begin to work on front flips. These skills are learned on the competition trampolines and occasionally the foam pit.   


Students must also demonstrate the ability to show competence in control and basic skills on the trampolines and execute a front flip before moving onto level 2.

Trampoline Level 2

Ages 6-12
60 min

In level 2 students will continue to build upon on the skills they have previously developed in level 1 as well as beginning to work on front twisting and back tucks.  These skills are learned as students use the competition trampolines as well as the tumble track, and occasionally the floor.

Students must be able to demonstrate a back tuck or round-off back handspring as well as having a coaches recommendation to move on to level 3/4.

Tramp & Tumble Levels 3-4

Ages 6-15
2 hours

twice a week

In level 3/4 students will continue to build upon on the skills they have previously developed. Some of these skills include back tucks, twisting front & back layouts, side somis, and doubles on tramp. Tumbling skills include handstands to bridge, standing back hand spring rebounds, and a standing back tuck. Similarly to the previous two classes, this class will be utilizing tumble track, mini tramp, and rod floor. Throughout the course, students will be working to develop their flexibly and strength training as well.

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