Free Trial Class: 


     For your convenience we offer one risk free trail class.  Come in and try out a class and if you love it you enroll and pay after class.  If you are not fully satisfied you will not be charged for that class. All free trials must be scheduled with the office prior to the start of class.  Stop by or call us at 728-4258.

Make-up Classes: 


     Your tuition pays for a spot in class, REGARDLESS OF ATTENDANCE.  However, as a courtesy, Roots Acro Sports Center offers make-up classes, when doing so does not jeopardize the safety and quality of a class.  Make-ups are a privilege.  We reserve the right to refuse to offer a make-up if we feel it affects safety or lessens the experience of those children who have registered and paid for that class.  We allow one make-up per session.  

  • You must schedule a Make-up ahead if time by stopping by the office or calling 728-4258.

  • A make up will be allowed in any class of the same level that has openings.

Changing Class Mid Session: 


     We can accommodate changing classes mid session if there is room in the class you desire.  Please make your request for a class change at the front desk.  Tuition increases could apply. 



     You may un-enroll from a class at the end of any session.

 If you are not planning on continuing notify the front desk by the 20th of the preceding month.  If you are on auto pay no refunds will be given if notified after the 20th of the month.  You will receive a credit on your Roots account to be used for anything in the gym.  

Medical Absence: 


     If your child misses more then two weeks due to a medical condition we will prorate a credit to be put on your Roots account and can be used for anything within the gym. If less than 2 classes are missed please refer to our make up policy.



     Online registration for new students begins on the 25th of the previous month. In person or by phone we will walk you through the process. Whether you enroll online, by phone or in person we will need to have a current registration form filled out annually.



     Enroll anytime. Our program runs year round.  Sessions really just indicate payment periods.  A new student is encouraged and welcomed to join us at anytime.  Once registered, a new student will start following the Priority Due Date (PDD) at the start of the next new session.

Monthly Tuition: 


     Tuition is paid monthly by check, cash or credit card at the front desk on or before the 20th of the (preceding) month.  Or for your convenience we can also automatically re-enroll via direct debit from you Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, or American Express.  We highly recommend this option to ensure you do not loose your spot for the next session.  If you choose to use our auto pay feature you will receive an email statement the week prior to the 20th and your Card on file will be charged on the 21st.

We Do Not Invoice:  


     We do not send out invoices.  However, we do send out an email reminder to all clients with a current email address on file.  It is then your responsibility to honor the PDDs each month.

$45 Annual Registration Fee: 


     This fee is an annual fee paid once a year.  First when you register for classes and then on your anniversary date.  This fee is a family rate and is non-refundable.  

15% Multi Class Discount:


     When you have one child enrolled in multiple classes you will receive 15% off the lesser tuition class.  We do not require students outside of your team level classes to attend more than once a week.  However, we do know there is a huge benefit for them coming more than once a week.  

15% Family Discount: 


     When more than one immediate family member is enrolled at the same time, ONLY the most expensive tuition pays full price.  All lesser tuition will receive a 15% discount. (EXCLUDING OUR MOVEMENT ARTS CLUB)


1.) Go to the "Create Account" button located at the top of this page

2.) Follow the instructions and fill out forms to create your account.

3.)Once you have created an account click find a class and use the filters to find the appropriate class

Q. Can we join a class after a session has started?

     A. Yes, new students are encouraged to begin at any time during the session as long as space permits. Remaining classes will be prorated.

Q. Do you offer any discounts on tuition?

     A. Yes, we offer two types of discounts, a family discount and a multi class discount.  A 15% family discount will be applied when 2 or more immediate familiy members are registered at the same time. You pay regular tuition for the highest tuition and the lower tuitions will receive the 15% off.  The multi class discount works similarly. When you have one child enrolled in multiple non team classes in the same session you will pay full tuition on the highest tuition and receive 15% off the lower tuition.

Q. What is the Priority Due Date (PDD)?

     A. Priority due date is the 20th of the preceding month. Current Students MUST pay tuition on or before the 20th to guarantee their current class spot for the next session. This system exists to prevent overloading classes. 

Q: What is the $45 annual registration fee for?

     A: To encourage consistency in attendance over the year. The benefits of any educational program comes from long term involvement and our choice to charge an annual registration fee rather than slightly increasing tuition over the year is to encourage consistency. Some industries such as martial arts and health clubs opt for yearly contracts while others such as academic schools and some dance schools opt for semester payments. Our 'soft' approach still allows in/out flexibility for those families who need it for one reason or another.

Q. How often is tuition due?

     A. Tuition is due on the 20th of the prior month to keep you spot for the next month.

Q. I am a loyal client and forgot to pay tuition by the Priority Due Date (PDD) will I lose my Child’s spot in their class?

     A.  Yes, if you do not pay tuition on or before the PDD your child will be dropped from the class for the next session and the spot could be filled by another student. We do appreciate your loyal business to our gym but we cannot assume you are continuing with class until tuition is paid.  We encourage keeping a credit card on file to ensure your spot from session to session.  Please see the front desk to opt into auto pay.

Q. Is a free trial class offered before registering my child and paying tuition?

     A. For your convenience we have a PREVIEW policy. If you try a class and are not satisfied you will not be charged for that class. Schedule a PREVIEW class with the Front office.

Q. What should my child wear?

     A. All children should remove all jewelry and tie shoulder length hair back.  For girls’ level 1+ classes leotards are required. Boys may opt for a fitted tank that will not slide/fall up when tumbling. Preschool level gymnasts may wear comfortable athletic attire.

Q. My child has done gymnastics, dance or trampoline classes before so I am not sure what class to sign them up for?

     A. No problem, call the office and depending on your child's ability we can help determine which class you should take by asking a few specific questions.  If we are unable to determine which class we would love to schedule a placement visit for you.  Our trained coaches will meet with your child to evaluate their skill level and recommend the appropriate class.

Q. What are the Gym’s expectations of the parents?

     A.  We encourage parents to be actively involved in their child’s gymnastic experiences. We will give our very best in coaching your child and in return we ask for a few commitments from you.

     1) Please remain in the designated observation areas; the gym floor is for registered students only!

     2) Pick up and drop off your child in the Gym rather than outside for safety and so you may have the opportunity to read any important information Coaches/Staff have posted, plus we love getting to know our parents.

     3) Do the very best to bring your child to class on time! 

     4) Do your very best to encourage and be positive with your child, if you have a concern or question please talk with a Director or Coach.

     5) DO NOT coach from the sidelines. This creates a struggle both for your child, the other children in the class, and the coach. 

216 Commerce St. Missoula Mt 59808     406-728-4258

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